How to Choose your Color Palette?

When you start painting, I recommend having a restricted palette. Those could be the basic colors or the ones that you use most often. So pick your colors correctly and you can still achieve as many combinations you need for your paintings. By having a limit in your colors, you produce a more unified painting, whether we are conscious of it or not. This would be the easiest way to control their relations in your canvas.

We talk about limitations, but is the number of colors an important fact to keep in mind?  Let’s think about our printers, they only used three to four colors of ink in order to print wonderful pictures. As crazy this sounds, we can paint with the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. So just with three colors and adding a tube of white paint would be enough to create outstanding paintings. The determination of these colors basically depends on the uniqueness of your own artwork.

Whenever you want to create values or shades, you can use the color white. Which means that you may have to prioritize the quality of it. Choose a brand that has premium elements like titanium and zinc. Stay away from the ones that contain fewer pigments, as they won’t give you a good result. However, when we talk about the rest of the colors except white, you can go for a cheaper brand. Whatever brand you pick for your colors it will have the same effect when you mix them so do not stress over what brand to pick for those.

Let’s start experimenting with a new palette! You will see how the phrase “less is more”really applies to your new painting.