FC Cincinnati Refreshes Brand for MLS Debut

This past Monday 12th, the FCC team showed their new version of the MLS Club in the Woodward Theater and via live stream.

Here is  the breakdown of our new brand:


The MLS team will take the field with the full name as Football Club Cincinnati, but also known as FCC, and FC Cincy.


The colors for the team are now much brighter and bolder. Having the orange(PMS021) and Blue (PMS 287). Also, some secondary colors were added such as Dark Blue (PMS 282), White and Grey (PMS Cool Grey 4c). These contrasting colors really pop when placed together.


In the new version of FCC’s crest, there are many tributes to the Queen City. The Winged Lion’s Tail is shaped like a C for Cincy. The mane represents the seven hills of Cincinnati. The font is a more german-esk type symbolizing the predominate German-heritage of the city. The wing has three feathers for the team’s three-season history.  The crown is for the “Queen City”. Cincinnati is angled representing the rise of the team. And finally, the sword is to show we are ready for battle.

Social Media

And all of you social media fans, be sure to use these new hashtags and taglines when posting about your favorite orange and blue team!

#IgniteAndUnite #NowAndForever

#IgniteAndUnite : It represents the energy that the team transmits to the world. Which talks about forgetting their differences and join together to support our orange an blue team.

#NowAndForever : This is about how much success the team has had until now and how far they can going forward.

Also they didn’t forget the representation of our team in a emoji shape. The small or large diamonds with orange and blue colors. The correct way to put them starts with orange & then blue (🔶&🔷).

With this exciting news, FC Cincinnati will begin as the league’s 24th team in 2019.

Go FC Cincinnati!!!

Drawing People

As an sports artist,  I have been commissioned to paint several famous athletes.  I always, work from several photos of the person, but here are some tips to keep in mind when painting or drawing people. If you are a beginner, this would help you to understand the skeletal framework for your first drawings. Let’s check it out!

  1. Simple Planes

Whenever you start drawing the head, I recommend starting with basic planes. It’s the best way to eliminated details and simplifies the human structure.

  1. Proportions

Focus on the basic proportions of the head. Such as the following;

a) Eyes: They are positioned almost in the middle of the face. They are about one eye width apart.

b) Nose: The bottom of the nose is on the middle of the eyebrows and chin.

c) Ears: They are between the horizontal line of the eyebrows and nose.

d) Mouth: It is about two-thirds of the way up from the chin, between the nose and chin.

  1. Basic Structures

In order to start drawing the human being, it’s important to reduce the human figures into geometric shapes, such as ovals.

  1. Gestural Framework

Adding a roughing gesture into your human figure can help to capture the essence in your drawings.