Bengals Win in Comeback led by hometown star Sam Hubbard!

Well,  I certainly didn’t expect this turn around as I walked in to a   bar with my husband yesterday with a Bengal’s 17-3  deficit against the Dolphins  at the end of the third quarter.

It was the eighth time in their history that they came back from 17 down to win since 2015.  Led by quarterback Andy Dalton,  the Bengals played like a whole different team in the 4th quarter,  similar to last week’s game against the Falcon’s.

The coolest part is that our defense won the game in the end.  Defensive ends Michael Johnson and Sam Hubbard scored their first NFL touchdowns in the fourth quarter,  shocking the Dolphins.  A final touch was that  Cincinnati born and bred Sam Hubbard scored off a fumble by Dolphin’s QB Tannehill to seal the deal at 27-17 with 2:37 left.

My husband keeps saying I’m good luck when I watch the Bengals.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll watch more!

Defensive end Sam Hubbard runs away with the Bengal’s final touchdown!



Football Anyone? My home town team starts with a win!

So,  I’ll be honest, the Bengals haven’t exactly had the best history over the years,  but the late 4th quarter comeback against the talented Indiapolis Colts today was impressive.  Down by 6 points at half-time,  the always talented and agile A. J. Green received for a 38 yard touchdown with 4 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter.  Next, newly acquired Joe Mixon  scored again to gain a lead of 24-23.  The Bengals finally finished Indy off with Safety Clayton Fejedelem, forcing a fumble and recovering the ball to return an 83 yard return with 24 seconds left!  I have to admit,  this game was inspiring and a scene worth painting!

The Bengal’s defense kept getting better!

Safety Clayton Fejedelem with the game finalizing defensive touchdown!

Which was bigger?

So who watched the super bowl this year?  Seems like pretty much everyone does but did you notice the attendance records at the Phoenix open during super bowl weekend?  Saturday’s round broke the single day attendance record for a golf event…200,000!!!  And although the viewing audience is way bigger for the super bowl, I’ve heard ratings were down compared to previous years. So is golf on the rise and football on the decline?  I guess we shall see.  For me being a huge golf fan who tries to watch every weekend, it’s no surprise to see golf on the rise.   Call me crazy but for me nothing is more exciting in sports than watching a final round where the leaders are all within a couple strokes with 3-4 holes to play.

NFL Playoffs

So who out there wants to see someone other than New England or Pittsburgh represent the AFC in the super bowl?  I have to say as a long time Bengals and Broncos fan, I’m not a fan of those teams but I do respect them.   But wouldn’t it be a nice change see an up and coming team dethrone those two AFC perennial powerhouses this playoff season?  Sometimes it’s even hard to remember who else is in the AFC playoff picture but one can hope for a major upset this weekend coming from either Jacksonville or Tennessee.  I’m not sure what the point spread is currently but I imagine Pittsburgh and New England are heavy favorites.  Well I will be crossing my fingers this weekend!!!