Cleaning Oil Paintings

In this new blog post I will give you some tips to clean and protect your paintings from damage.

Cleaning Process:

Dust is everywhere! Especially whenever you open that box with all your paintings in it. Here are some ideas that will help you get rid of all the dust!

  1. Use a soft brush to wipe off the dust.
  2. Use a large baked loaf of bread and take a handful of the inside. Wipe the bread against the painting.
  3. Use the brush again to wipe off the breadcrumbs.

The magic of using bread, even though it sounds unusual, is that the bread helps you get into the nooks and crannies of your painting without damaging it. However you can also use a professional picture cleaner to take off all the dust that is stuck on the paint or if its stained.


In order to protect your paintings and show the same fresh colors from when the painting was new, you can use Varnish. The down side of it is that you may have to wait one year before varnishing textured oil paintings and six months for apply it on a regular oil paint. However if you want to have a faster process you can use alkyds.