FC Cincinnati Refreshes Brand for MLS Debut

This past Monday 12th, the FCC team showed their new version of the MLS Club in the Woodward Theater and via live stream.

Here is  the breakdown of our new brand:


The MLS team will take the field with the full name as Football Club Cincinnati, but also known as FCC, and FC Cincy.


The colors for the team are now much brighter and bolder. Having the orange(PMS021) and Blue (PMS 287). Also, some secondary colors were added such as Dark Blue (PMS 282), White and Grey (PMS Cool Grey 4c). These contrasting colors really pop when placed together.


In the new version of FCC’s crest, there are many tributes to the Queen City. The Winged Lion’s Tail is shaped like a C for Cincy. The mane represents the seven hills of Cincinnati. The font is a more german-esk type symbolizing the predominate German-heritage of the city. The wing has three feathers for the team’s three-season history.  The crown is for the “Queen City”. Cincinnati is angled representing the rise of the team. And finally, the sword is to show we are ready for battle.

Social Media

And all of you social media fans, be sure to use these new hashtags and taglines when posting about your favorite orange and blue team!

#IgniteAndUnite #NowAndForever

#IgniteAndUnite : It represents the energy that the team transmits to the world. Which talks about forgetting their differences and join together to support our orange an blue team.

#NowAndForever : This is about how much success the team has had until now and how far they can going forward.

Also they didn’t forget the representation of our team in a emoji shape. The small or large diamonds with orange and blue colors. The correct way to put them starts with orange & then blue (🔶&🔷).

With this exciting news, FC Cincinnati will begin as the league’s 24th team in 2019.

Go FC Cincinnati!!!

FC Cincinnati VS Nashville SC

On Saturday October 20th, FC Cincinnati and Nashville SC were playing in at the Nippert Stadium in front of 20,127 fans. This was the quarterfinals match in the eastern conference of the United Soccer League (USL). Today marks the first time Cincinnati has advanced in the USL Cup Playoffs, also FC Cincinnati is now unbeaten in its last 25 games, including 23 USL regular-season games.

This was a tense match between the two teams where neither one was able to score within the normal, first 90 minutes of the game. During the game, FCC’s Goalie, Spencer Richey saved 5 goals from Nashville’s scoreboard. In the number of shots taken, FCC outshot Nashville, 22 to 16.

The game went into extra time so two 15 minute time frames were added, and within the first five minutes of extra time, Corben Bone scored thanks to an assist by Kenneth “Kenney” Walker. However, in the last 5 minutes of extra time Nashville’s Bradley Bourgeois drove the ball towards the goal and shot, and it bounced off of an FC player just out of reach of our goalie. This tied the game up yet again and the final 5 minutes of the game remained stale.

Both teams converted five consecutive penalty kicks. One of the exciting moments for our blue and orange team was right after Nashville’s sixth attempt went flying too high, over the goal and Kenney Walker stepped up and landed the sixth penalty shot, securing FC Cincinnati is in the next round of the USL Eastern Conference Semifinals!



FCC is rocking the field! On Saturday 29th of September, the FCC team was playing against Indy Eleven in which our orange and blue colors were the winners (3-0). With this victory, FCC extended its unbeaten streak by 21 win in a row.

In the first half, Fanendo Adi, from the FCC team took the lead. In the minute 65´ Danni Konig was able to give another goal to our orange and blue team. However in the second half, Carlyle Mitchell, from the Indy Eleven team came via an own goal. With this FCC was able to hold their lead to take the victory!

Don´t miss the next game! Our FCC team will be facing against the Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC on Saturday the 6 of October, at 7 pm.




Our Cincinnati team is pushing forward to victory and becoming the first team to clinch a berth in the 2018 USL Cup Playoffs. On September the 16, our team played against Toronto gaining the victory 4-3 in the two minutes remaining in regulation. Nippert Stadium at the University of Cincinnati was filled with 27,275 fans. The passion of the FCC fans was transmitted with their constant cheering to our orange and blue colors, in which Corben Bone, Fanendo Adi and Forrest Lasso were inspired for their 4 wining goals. It was a tight game but with a happy ending for all the FFC fans. I would definitely say that this team is leaving a mark on our hearts that could lead us to the next world cup in 2022.