Tiger Woods ends a 5 year drought!

Well,  it finally happened!  Tiger Woods after 4 back and 4 knee surgeries, not to mention other personal struggles, won the Tour Championship today at the acclaimed East Lake Golf Course in Atlanta.  For Woods,  now 42,  this victory is almost considered a miracle considering his health and personal issues earlier this year.

However,  after battling it out and on the last day,  having at one point, a 5 stroke lead,  Tiger held on to win the tournament at 11 under, two ahead of Billy Horschel.   While I personally haven’t been a huge fan of Tiger in recent years for obvious reasons,  it seems clear he has changed a lot in terms of his personal life and focus and you can’t help but root for a great comeback.  He’s become more likable as a person (while obviously not perfect) and has learned to become more warm and engaging with the public and media.

It seems apparent that Tiger,  who has now drastically improved his ranking to #13, will be an asset to the upcoming Ryder Cup Team with his skill and experience.

Congrats Tiger!


Painting Landscapes

When it comes to learning how to paint, it’s very important to create a believable composition with clear and dark values. This may sound easy but sometimes it’s a difficult task to accomplish, especially if you are a beginner. The rule of all the professors is ¨ the more often you paint, the better you get¨. This is true because we learn from experience, but when we talk about creating a landscape on a blank canvas, you may need a couple tips that will elevate your daily learning practice.While I practice these rules for my golf landscapes, they apply to all kinds of landscapes.

In this blog post, we will provide you our 4 favorites tips for a perfect landscape painting.

  1. Introducing light into the landscape

During sunny days,  the colors are warmer and more intense. Which means that your overall painting should have this warm feeling.

When their is sunlight, the makes colors are lighter. When we want to show an element with sunlight, you should paint lighter and warmer. However, if the sunlight is reddish or bluish, all the elements should have some reflection of those colors.

However during overcast days,  colors are duller and the value changes are less remarkable.

  1. Atmospheric Perspective

Whenever you are hiking or driving up a mountain or hill and suddenly you stop to take a picture of the wonderful view of the city or landscape.  Something that you will notice is that all of the elements closest to you are darker, more defined and crisper. However, the ones that are close to the horizon have a grayer and lighter color.  This happens because the humidity that the air contains creates a filter that affects the colors. Apply the same thought whenever you are going to start your landscape painting.

  1. Include only what works

Starting a painting can be overwhelming sometimes. That’s why is very important to focus on your focal point, in what elements you include and which don’t. Also, you may have to select a part of the landscape according to the size of your canvas. Remember that you are the artist and you are the one who chooses. You can eliminate or move an element to another area of the painting. If it doesn’t make sense for the success of your composition, just simplify your panorama.

  1. Change colors

If you are done with your painting but you feel that it needs some adjustments of color or value, you can still do it! However, I would recommend always having a reference, like a picture. If that’s the case and you want a successful painting, you can use any editing program to change the color of the whole image or a specific element.

With these 4 points you may start or continue your learning practice. Remember that the more often you paint, the better you get!


Keep painting!


Oakland Hills Country Club, Hole #16


Bay Harbor Golf Club, Bay Harbor, MI, The Quarry, Hole #15


Our Cincinnati team is pushing forward to victory and becoming the first team to clinch a berth in the 2018 USL Cup Playoffs. On September the 16, our team played against Toronto gaining the victory 4-3 in the two minutes remaining in regulation. Nippert Stadium at the University of Cincinnati was filled with 27,275 fans. The passion of the FCC fans was transmitted with their constant cheering to our orange and blue colors, in which Corben Bone, Fanendo Adi and Forrest Lasso were inspired for their 4 wining goals. It was a tight game but with a happy ending for all the FFC fans. I would definitely say that this team is leaving a mark on our hearts that could lead us to the next world cup in 2022.

The Power of Art

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton.

When we talk about art we can think about something tangible but at the same intangible. Tangible could be translated as a physical piece; and intangible is everything that we don’t see but somehow is transmitted through the piece, in which all the emotions, effort and time were invested into the new creation.

I´m sure that many of us may feel some fear of creating art. Some may think that they are not good at it or they use the excuse that they are not a creative person. However, you don’t need to be a professional artist to transmit your emotions and thoughts onto a blank canvas. As Pablo Picasso said: ¨Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up¨. This reminds me of the processes of painting, which consists in painting from inside to outside. And that´s what art is for us! It´s a tool for mindfulness and self-discovery facilitated in a safe, non- judgmental environment. The simple act of painting and mixing colors is considered a therapeutic process in which you can find yourself or lose yourself. Don’t be afraid of your personal skills and try an alternative art world.

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Football Anyone? My home town team starts with a win!

So,  I’ll be honest, the Bengals haven’t exactly had the best history over the years,  but the late 4th quarter comeback against the talented Indiapolis Colts today was impressive.  Down by 6 points at half-time,  the always talented and agile A. J. Green received for a 38 yard touchdown with 4 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter.  Next, newly acquired Joe Mixon  scored again to gain a lead of 24-23.  The Bengals finally finished Indy off with Safety Clayton Fejedelem, forcing a fumble and recovering the ball to return an 83 yard return with 24 seconds left!  I have to admit,  this game was inspiring and a scene worth painting!

The Bengal’s defense kept getting better!

Safety Clayton Fejedelem with the game finalizing defensive touchdown!