Bengals Win in Comeback led by hometown star Sam Hubbard!

Well,  I certainly didn’t expect this turn around as I walked in to a   bar with my husband yesterday with a Bengal’s 17-3  deficit against the Dolphins  at the end of the third quarter.

It was the eighth time in their history that they came back from 17 down to win since 2015.  Led by quarterback Andy Dalton,  the Bengals played like a whole different team in the 4th quarter,  similar to last week’s game against the Falcon’s.

The coolest part is that our defense won the game in the end.  Defensive ends Michael Johnson and Sam Hubbard scored their first NFL touchdowns in the fourth quarter,  shocking the Dolphins.  A final touch was that  Cincinnati born and bred Sam Hubbard scored off a fumble by Dolphin’s QB Tannehill to seal the deal at 27-17 with 2:37 left.

My husband keeps saying I’m good luck when I watch the Bengals.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll watch more!

Defensive end Sam Hubbard runs away with the Bengal’s final touchdown!