Football Anyone? My home town team starts with a win!

So,  I’ll be honest, the Bengals haven’t exactly had the best history over the years,  but the late 4th quarter comeback against the talented Indiapolis Colts today was impressive.  Down by 6 points at half-time,  the always talented and agile A. J. Green received for a 38 yard touchdown with 4 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter.  Next, newly acquired Joe Mixon  scored again to gain a lead of 24-23.  The Bengals finally finished Indy off with Safety Clayton Fejedelem, forcing a fumble and recovering the ball to return an 83 yard return with 24 seconds left!  I have to admit,  this game was inspiring and a scene worth painting!

The Bengal’s defense kept getting better!

Safety Clayton Fejedelem with the game finalizing defensive touchdown!