How traveling inspired your creativity?

The world is a wonderful place in which there is so much to see, so much to learn, so much to feel and so much to celebrate with the joy of traveling. Traveling is an educational experience in which you discover new cultures, new places, new sounds, and new people. Is it not a good excuse to get inspired? Traveling can influence directly to our creativity. Getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting with other realities, environments and other languages will expand your way of thinking and your creativity without any limitations.

If the city is not inspiring enough for you, then try camping, hiking or booking a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and take in nature by observing animals, plants, and awe-striking views. Landscapes, sunsets, explore the desert in the middle of the night or go to the beach, just try anything that makes your eyes pop. Taking pictures, recording a video or just the simple act of taking notes and saving flyers can help you to go back into memories.

After discovering these new things on your last trip, you may be able to add these feelings, ideas, or elements to your art practice that probably you would have never thought about before. And that’s what our creativity needs! A constant visual feeding of multiple sources that would inspire your thoughts and you may come up with a rich and outstanding piece of art.


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