Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season and whatever faith you believe in, I hope you find happiness.  Although it’s a bit too late to send off any prints before the 25th, please keep us in mind with all that extra gift money you have lying around after the holidays…HAHA!!!

Columbus Blue Jackets

My family is going to see the Blue jackets next weekend in Columbus.  My husband is a hockey nut so he couldn’t be more happy but it will be my kid’s first NHL game.  I’m hoping they will like it as much as my first NHL in Denver a couple years ago to see Tom’s beloved Colorado Avalanche.  Unfortunately by the time Tom moved from CO to OH a couple years ago, the Avalanche were on a steady decline into one of the worst teams after winning 2 Stanley cups during Tom’s time in CO.  But now fortunately as fate would have it, Tom has seen the turnaround of the Blue Jackets from one the worst teams to now a serious playoff contender.  They are currently in first place in the tough Metropolitan division.  Go Jackets!